Take In The Moment

Lately I have been feeling as though I was failing as a mother. Sure I am making sure Ray is fed, clean, and all of the basics, however, I just have been having a feeling like I am not doing my best for him. I remember when he was first born and the first year or so and even though I didn’t know what I was doing I was doing my best. Fast forward to today and I don’t feel as though I am giving my all into being a good mom. I know a lot has changed like him growing up more and now having a mind of his own. I feel as though we butt heads constantly and even though I know that I have to make sure he is learning right from wrong, I don’t feel like we should always be at odds with each other.

It wasn’t until he said “Momma, I’m a naughty boy” to me the other day that I really started to think about how we interact with each other every day. Sure we have a lot of fun and laugh and be silly but I am not doing my job right when he feels as though he is just plain naughty. So as of yesterday I have decided to get back to giving it my all. Instead of thinking that he should be able to do a lot of things on his own I have been finding myself realizing that he is still a little boy. He is still learning and I still need to give him guidance. And guidance does not mean making sure he does everything I think he should do and not act out in any way.

I am finding that I need to give myself a break a little more and realize that I am still learning at all of this too. I cannot let my focus on my own life become something that makes me resent that he is here needing my help. I am finding that I need to stop and really take in the moments. Because when we are too focused on what our next move is for our personal lives we are missing out on the little time we have with our kids when they are kids.

Yesterday I decided to start taking those moments. It was a rainy afternoon and I have been giving into laying with Ray during nap time so he will fall asleep and actually take a nap. Usually he is asleep after about 20 minutes so I am able to sneak out and get stuff done. Yesterday I chose to lay and nap with him, and when I woke up I laid there and just watched him sleep. Just like I did when he was a baby. Normally just laying there with him makes me irritated because this is my “me” time to do things I want to do but today I embraced it. I thought about how when he was a baby and the only way to get him to nap was to let him lay on my chest and sleep while I watched TV. I used to get annoyed that I couldn’t do anything because of him needing to lay on me like that and now I miss those moments. So I am taking in these moments of laying with him in his bed because there will come a time where he won’t be taking naps and won’t need me to lay with him anymore.

If you are a mom and you feel like you are doing a bad job and that your kids just don’t listen and are naughty all the time. Maybe, just maybe, they are actually trying to let us know that they need us to take in the moments with them and they need us to start giving this whole mom thing our all again.

Inexpensive Outdoor Fun

Each year I try to come up with some new things for us to do outside that do not cost all that much and keep my little guy entertained. Currently he is super into anything dealing with dirt and shovels. We have been able to let him dig some holes in our driveway which he loves to do. Last year someone got him a little plastic shovel and rake set. These of course did not last even until the end of the summer so this year we were able to find him a metal set. As long as we are out there with him he is able to use it since it is a little dangerous. However, I think that we will definitely have this set for a while!

Another thing that we do, especially when it is super warm outside, is give him a spay bottle full of water and let him go. The great part is that you can get a spray bottle at the dollar store. We actually picked up two of them and have water fights sometimes. It is a great way to run around the yard with him and stay cool at the same time. When he is playing with them himself he likes to make “graffiti” on the side walk or on bricks. The best part is that as he goes along the water dries and he is able to start over. This year he has been spraying it on the ground to make roads for his trucks.

This year we also picked up a little slip and slide. We have a pool for him but he is not super fond of just sitting in the water to play unless we are sitting in it with him. Now, on super hot days this isn’t too bad but other days not so much. So the slip and slid is perfect. He runs down it and then likes to lay on his belly and slop through the water. The best part is that the simple ones do not cost too much and it great fun.

A couple other classics that keep Ray entertained over and over again are chalk and bubbles. He loves both. For his birthday last year we did get a bubble machine and have been very careful about cleaning it out after every use so that it is lasting us a while. He is able to spend hours outside just running after the bubbles. And the best part is that sometimes you can get some great pictures of them having some summertime fun!

Other than that the best way to find some great summer toys is to go to a yard sale. We have been able to get all sorts of little trucks and stuff for him to play in the driveway and in the dirt with. For all of the trucks that he plays outside with I always just look for some that he can scoop and haul dirt with that kids have been pretty rough with already. Most of the time people are selling those for pretty cheap and you won’t feel bad when he is pushing them through dirt and sand.

What are some of your favorite things for your little ones to do or play with outside? Leave me a comment below!