Inspirational People

So lately I have been finding so many people that I have found inspirational to me and I feel like I need to share. A lot of these people have different websites and podcasts that are full of great information and motivation for those of us that need it. Most of the ones that I follow I have stumbled upon through social media or the people that I already follow have interviewed them. Here are a few of them that I love.

Rachel Hollis (The Chic Site)
I am not sure how I stumbled on her but I have been listening to her morning Facebook live streams everyday for about the past month now. I love how she is so down to earth and will tell you how it is. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and is super motivating and full of great advice that I am loving right now. She also has a book series on amazon as well as a new book coming out this next spring that you can preorder now. You can also find her on Instagram and follow along with her daily life as well. If you are a mom and need some inspiration and some tough love to get your butt in gear definitely check her out!

Cara Alwill Leyba (The Champagne Diet)
Cara is a master life coach and author that has some great advice for business women or just women in general that want to change their lives. She is the author of Girl Code which is a book that I just read this year and I loved it. Along with her books she also has workbooks that will walk you through different questions about your life to help you uncover different things that you have been trying to figure out. I love how she is so open and honest and all about spreading positivity. She also has the podcast Style Your Mind that I love to listen to. There is just something magnetic about her that I love and am inspired by.

Gary Vaynerchuk
This guy is an entrepreneur and motivator. I will say that he is not everyones favorite because he is very blunt and to the point. I love listening to his videos and you can find his dailyvee videos on his youtube channel. He is great at what he does and is always challenging people to really get to know themselves and stop worrying about everyone else. He has a podcast called The GaryVee Audio Experience that is full of great interviews. I have definitely learned from him that we all have to be patient with what we are trying to accomplish and really try to enjoy the journey. If you like some to the point motivation definitely check him out.

Rob Dial
He is a motivational speaker that I found on Facebook. I love how really understands how people think and is able to speak to everyone about different topics that you might be going through in your life. I really love listening to his podcast MWF Motivation Podcast. Most of the podcasts are under 20 minutes which is great when I only have a little bit of time. He always talks about different things that you can do and change in your day about your life or your mindset in order to make your life better. Definitely check him out if you need some short and quick motivation in your day.

These are just some of the people that I have found very inspiring lately. Who do you find inspiring?


Happy Monday!!!

So this past weekend was supposed to be a super fun weekend since Don’s birthday is on Tuesday I decided that it Saturday would be a great day to have a Daddy and Ray day for his birthday. I had everything planned. First we were going to go out for breakfast. Then we were going to run a couple errands since we were in town. After that we were going to spend a while at the Children’s Discovery Museum since Don has never been there and wanted to see what Ray was always talking about after I would take him. By that point it would be about lunch time. After lunch we would take the museum pass back to the library (I can check out a pass for a week that gets us into the museum for free). At the library they were having a puppet show for the kids so we were also going to do that before heading home to hang out make dinner and have cake and ice cream with the family.

Well, lets just say that from the start things did not happen how they should have. Don wasn’t feeling great when he woke up but said that he would be fine. We were running late to go to breakfast and the place we wanted to go was full. So we went somewhere else. In the process of getting to the other place and all the turning around we had to do, Ray got car sick. But not until we were seated at our table in the restaurant. Apparently after that he said he felt much better and that we needed to go to the museum. We did at least get to stay at the museum for a while before Don said that he need me to take him to Ready Med. So off we went to drop him off and try to wait around town to get him once he was done.

Ray and I then took the pass back to the library and went to get lunch. We then ran a couple of errands and headed home so he could rest and watch a movie. I definitely did not want him to nap just incase Don needed me to come back and pick him up. Which he did but only after the movie was finished about four and a half hours after I dropped him off. It turns out that he was passing a kidney stone and that is why he was in so much pain. (I feel so bad that we were dragging him all over town.) By the end of the day I was just done. The day had not turned out how I had wanted it to and definitely was did not go as planned.

Before we went to bed that night I sat and thought about all the things we did do that day. Even though they were not as planned and we really didn’t get to spend much time with Don, Ray was still able to have some fun and we had a little adventure that day. He was so happy just to see his dad and spend time showing him stuff at the museum and then me and him got to have a little lunch date which we never do. I hope when he remember this day that he remembers how much fun he had. Even though all of my own plans were falling through. We always have to remember that sometimes we have to be flexible and just go with the flow. I definitely learned that on Saturday and was so proud of myself for keeping my cool and not getting all upset about things not going right. We had fun and then we were able to care for Don the rest of the night and on Sunday.

Photo from Pinterest