Kindness Challenge: Grateful for Kindness Reflection

As I began this week I felt like I was already very aware of the simple ways that people were kind. I thought that most people in general were somewhat kind. But as I really went about my days throughout this week I began to notice more and more. Especially when I would be out and about with my son.

One thing that I found interesting was that I noticed that more men were kind to me that I had originally thought. I never realized how many times when I would be carrying my son into someplace where a man would hold the door open for me or let me go in first. One that really stuck out was when I was at the library we were half way to the door on the side walk and a guy that was walking past the door inside stopped to hold the door open for me. All of this really made me realize that there are still some really good men out there and that as a women I was somewhat disappointed about the way we tend to look out more for ourselves. Especially as mothers. It is almost like there is an unspoken thing that since I had to struggle when I was a mom that you should have to as well.

Realizing this I have become more aware of trying to help out other women and I am grateful to the ones that try to help me out or show me some kindness throughout my days. I have been trying to make a point to really show gratitude to someone that does help me as well in front of my son. I make sure I tell them thank you and give them a big smile. I am teaching him to say thank you as well. I want him to appreciate the help that we do get so that he will want to help others when he is a little bit older.

I know that I do struggle with making sure that I am showing gratitude toward receiving kindness. I appreciate it so much especially when little man is having a rough day and I am trying to get some errands done. Just having someone try to talk with him and smile at him to help keep him distracted is an amazing thing. A lot of times when people know that they are helping even in a small way it just makes everything better all around and can keep a good day from going bad.

Overall, as long as we are able to spread kindness throughout our days and be grateful for the kindness that we receive our days will be much brighter. And we always have to remember that little eyes are always watching how we respond to others and how we treat others (especially when moms interact with each other). Even if you do not have kids of your own, when you are out in public there are usually children around that everyone’s behavior and kindness is what is helping to shape this next generation.

I for one am trying to do my best to remember this and to live my life in kindness and awareness of others.

Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle. ~Anthony Douglas

Weekend Celebrations

This past weekend we have definitely got into the swing of summer with two celebrations. First on Saturday we celebrated little man’s 3rd birthday. (Even though his birthday isn’t until Friday). I just cannot believe that we pretty much have a three year old already! It is so crazy to think about. It also makes me super aware that he is growing up so fast that I need to really remember to take it all in and not worry too much about all the little things.

This year for his party we had a dinosaur theme. I did not go all out this year because he was more into just wanting a blue birthday cake. Pretty simple and low maintenance right, hahaha. I figured I would decorate with a few dinosaurs that he already had. They make great weights for the balloons on the tables. Then I did everything else in blue. We were even lucky enough to get a cake with a Dinotrux on it which he was super excited about.

It was all pretty simple and not much fuss. For food we had some pulled pork. The hubby’s signature meal to make when we have get togethers like this and some fruit and veggie trays. The weather turned out to be perfect especially since we have the party in the garage. When it is too hot outside it is just miserable.

Overall the party turned out great. Ray got a new bike, a baseball bat and tee, a bunch of play dinosaurs, and lots of other fun stuff to play with. We did ask family to try and only get him something small and then just give him money. We started him a savings account after his first birthday and have been adding to it ever since. I think this year he was even excited about all the money falling out of his cards when he opened them!

Then on Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day with my husbands family. It was a nice barbecue and Ray got to see some of his cousins that he never really gets to see. The whole weekend was perfect and we loved seeing and celebrating with all of our friends and family.